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re: Code of Conduct


The Basic Guidelines and Code of Conduct of ShadowBane.
(Entirety subject to change without notice)

Regarding Rank:

  • Recruit - The rank of Recruit will be granted to members upon acceptance into the kinship, be it via website application or in-game invite.


  • Kinsman/Kinswoman - The rank of Kinsman/Kinswoman will be granted after the Recruit has a) been recruited in-game, b) completed the online application and added their name to the roster and  c) been active with the kin at least twice in-game or via the website.   (This can include being in a kin group, posting to the website, or joining any kin activity. 


  • Officer - After attaining the rank of Kinsman/Kinswoman, the rank of Officer can be granted at the discretion of the Leader along with the current active Officers after the Member has submitted the following to the Leader; a) an area of interest the member would like to lead b) ideas for how the member would develop/grow that area and/or c) a plan for an initial sample event for the same.

The ShadowBane Code of Conduct was established June 25th, 2007. The CoC applies to conduct server-wide. We rarely have issues with conduct in the kin, but the CoC is there to protect all members.


  • Maturity - We at ShadowBane aim to maintain and foster a mature community, and rampant immaturity/drama won't be allowed. Doesn't mean you can't have fun, just keep it above what you might find in high school.


  • Respect - This doesn't just apply to your interactions between members, but with everyone you encounter. Treat everyone you come across with respect and help maintain ShadowBane's reputation as a good group of individuals.  We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression,  national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or age.


  • Attacks - Attacking another member, verbally or otherwise, will not be tolerated. If you have a conflict with another member, send a /tell to an officer and they will help you resolve it.


  • Begging - Absolutely no begging. We are a helpful kin. We are here to provide assistance to our fellow kinmates so this doesn't mean you can't ask for others to make things for you, or even for spare materials. Begging constitutes repeatedly asking others to do things for you to the degree that others see it as harassment; begging also includes repeatedly badgering other players to give you free items or gold.


  • Exploiting - Taking advantage of other members will result in a short drop with a quick stop. This includes duping newer members into giving you rare items, selling items on the Auctions that were gifts to you from kin or bought for your own use from the kin auctions. This also includes selling items from the kin vault or giving them to others outside the kinship, etc. See "Respect" above.


  • Profanity - Excessive,recurring, extreme profanity is not permitted. This does not mean that players have to censor their every word; however, if a majority of kin mates find that a member's language is repeatedly offensive to them, then that member will be notified. Hateful language toward another player or group of people will not be tolerated. See "Respect" above.


  • RolePlay - Role play is not required in the kin; however, respect for others on the server that choose to role play is.


  • Kinship Chat - Ideally the kinship channel should be reserved for general communications among members. If you're having a personal & obviously private conversation, or have a message for only one person, please send them a /tell to reduce the spam in the Kinship channel.

    Additionally, please minimize discussion of controversial topics. Statements about things like religion, politics or sex might be considered offensive to other players as we have a wide range of members from different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. Respect one another and lets enjoy this incredible world that Tolkien created.


Violations - Players will be allowed three violations of the above before demotion or expulsion.

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