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re: WARNING: Yule Festival Ending


The Yule Festival will end soon. The exact time is uncertain (to me, at least). Previously, Cordovan had posted the schedule in the forums

with an end time of 1/16/2017 @ 3am, Sunday night. That line was deleted when the schedule was updated this week. The LOTRO store sale page shows "now - Jan. 16th"

which would usually mean 1/17/2017 @ 3am.

There is a week "encore" for the Yule festival scheduled for February 15 - 22, which may give you a chance to finish things up.

In any case, you may need to do some things before the festival ends.

Of course, if there's anything you want to barter from the Yule Festival (cosmetics, consumables, gift boxes, housing items, maps, pets/kites, dyes, mounts, etc.), you need to get those while the festival is active.

As usual, if you have earned some Badges of Taste or Badges of Dishonour doing Inn League or Ale Association quests and you want to turn them into Yule Festival Tokens, you can barter them at their rep vendors for Boxes of Festival Tokens and then extract the Yule Festival Tokens. There is a cooldown for the extraction, so it can be a long process if you have a lot of badges.

Essence Reclamation Scrolls and Anfalas Star-lit Crystals are available for Yule Festival Tokens. Note that the scrolls are not bound, but the crystals are bound to the character that barters for them.

This year, lower-level characters have been able to earn Ithilien Essence Fragments and Scraps of an Essence Reclamation Scroll, which are barter tokens for items of use to level-cap characters. High-level characters will be able to barter them in North Ithilien after the Yule Festival, since they are also earned from level-cap quests. Low-level characters may not be able to get there to barter them, so should do so at the Yule Festival.

You can get an Essence Reclamation Scroll for 3 Scraps of an Essence Reclamation Scroll. The Essence Reclamation Scroll is not bound and can be sold, traded or passed to other characters.

You can get a North Ithilien Essence Box for 4 Ithilien Essence Fragments. The box is bound to account, so can be passed to other characters that can use it.

It is possible that other festivals will allow earning these tokens as well, in which case they could be bartered then. But I have not seen anything official about that.

I'll be bartering everything I can by Sunday Night.

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