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re: Mordor Essences


Mordor essences currently come in 3 variants: Dark, Empowered Dark, and Shadowed. All three can drop from mobs, and Shadowed essences have also been found in Rare Mordor Chests. They are all level 106, so require level 106 or higher essence gear. (An early quest reward is a level 105 pocket item, which cannot hold a 106 essence. There are higher-level pockets later in the quest lines.)

A Shadowed Essence box can be crafted by Jewellers, Metalsmiths, Tailors, Weaponsmiths or Woodworkers (No Cook or Scholar recipes). The recipes are single-use and not bound, and the essence boxes also not bound, so you can get a recipe and have someone else make it for you. There is no upgrading or recycling of essences at this point.

Here are the current essences:

Essence            Dark  Empowered    Shadowed  
Agility 195 281 297  
Block 3807 5482 5787  
Critical Defence 4245 6113 6452  
Critical Rating 1692 2436 2572  
Evasion 3807 5482 5787  
Fate 195 281 297  
Finesse 5128 7384 7794  
Might 195 281 297  
Morale     1966  
Healing (Outgoing) 5700 6954 7182  
Parry 3807 5482 5787  
Physical Mastery 3384 4128 4264  
Physical Mitigation 3808 5483 5788  
Resistance 2565 3694 3899  
Restoration (Incoming Healing) 8484 8484 8484 * Not in box
Tactical Mastery 3384 4128 4264  
Tactical Mitigation 3808 5483 5788  
Vitality 326 469 495  
Will 195 281 297  

Most Dark essences are about 2/3 of the Shadowed essence; Physical and Tactical Mastery are about 4/5.  Empowered Dark essences are about 95% of Shadowed.

There does not appear to be a Dark or Empowered Dark essence of Morale, although the Shadowed Essence of Morale is in the box.

The essence called Healing is for outgoing healing.

Incoming healing and Light of Earendil essences can drop, but are not in the box.  The incoming healing essence is called Restoration. All three Restoration essences are the same amount.

The Empowered Gleaming Essence of Light gives +14 Light of Earendil and can drop from mobs or be in a Rare Mordor Chest. The Glowing Essence of Light gives +10 LoE and can drop from mobs.

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