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re: Upgrading gear for 21.3


I'm in the process of upgrading my gear for Michaleo, Nodread and Wrytune. I thought I would start a thread for any observations or tips.

At this point, I have mostly teal/incomparable item level 330 gear bartered for Ashes or allegiance rep. Chest and legs are teal IL 326 quest rewards. Offhand weapon and shields are purple/rare IL 330 crafted or bartered for Silver Signets of the Armsman.

There are three categories of new gear:

* Teal IL 345 gear requires completion of the raid at tier 2, so I'm not expecting to have any of that any time soon.

* Teal IL 337 armour is bartered for 1750 Ashes. I haven't found any teal IL 337 jewellery.

* Purple IL 337 gear is bartered for 700 Ashes for armour, shields or offhand weapons, and 550 Ashes for jewellery or cloak.

Older teal IL 330 gear is 420 Ashes for armour or 330 Ashes for jewellery.

There are teal IL 330 cloak and hands pieces available for 130 Preserved Relics of the Last Alliance and a ring for 100 of them, if you have those and want to save Ashes. If like me you have accumulated stacks of them doing the dailies, you can get extras of these pieces to be able to swap, for example, to switch from DPS to tanking. Besides the different stats, there are two essence slots each in the cloak and hands.

It seems to me that purple IL 337 gear is not worth buying. For non-essence jewellery, purple IL 337 items have lower stats than the corresponding teal IL 330 items and cost more Ashes. For armour and jewellery with essence slots, the somewhat higher stats on the purple IL 337 items don't make up for having one less essence slot and they also cost more Ashes. Of course, this assumes that you are able to get whatever essences you want to fill the slots.

Replacing my IL 326 chest and legs pieces with teal IL 337 is the first thing to do, since the stat difference is higher and they can hold the t10 Empowered Abyssal essences that are currently the highest available. (IL 326 items can use only t9 essences). Teal IL 330 armour and essence jewellery can take the top essences, so I will keep those and upgrade the essences.

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