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re: Free Black Steel Key! code OPENBOX All players can profit!


This week (February 8-15), the free store item is a Black Steel Key. They are for level-cap players to open Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes, which contain Ashes of Gorgoroth (barter for level-cap items) and possibly gear, pets, cosmetics, and other things. The key is bound to account.

For lower-level players who cannot use the key themselves, there is a substantial money-making opportunity!

Items that are bound to account and purchased from the store may be sent to another player (the free item is considered purchased from the store). It costs 2 Mithril Coins to mail it.

Black Steel Keys have been selling for around 300g. This means you can turn 2 Mithril Coins into 300g by selling your key to another player!

The relatively safe way to do this is to mail it COD to the player who wants to buy it. You have probably seen offers to buy or sell keys in /trade chat, so this is a common practice. Full disclosure: There is a risk that the person you send it to will reject the COD, in which case you get the key back but lose the 2 MC it cost you to send it. In the worst case, the person could leave the key in the mailbox for a long time and not accept or reject it. (The longest time is 3 months image) You would still get the key back, but it might not be worth as much by then. Note that SSG does not get involved in trade disputes between players.

If you are willing to accept that risk and you have someone who wants to buy it, here's how:

1) Add the player as a friend, and check the spelling of the name to be sure you have the right person.

2) Compose a mail message to the person.

3) Drag the item to the message to send it.

4) Click the COD option. (Be sure Send Money is not checked or you will send gold with the key!).

5) Enter the amount. Be sure you are putting the amount in the gold box, not the silver or copper.

6) Take a deep breath.

7) Before you hit send, review that you have the right name, you have attached the key, you have the price you want in the gold box, and you have selected COD.

8) If everything looks OK, click Send. When the player removes the key from the message, you will receive the gold via return mail.

This may seem like a complicated process, but it is used all the the time. I went into detail in case you haven't done it before.


If you do not have 2 Mithril Coins, you can buy 5 Mithril Coins in the store for 50 LOTRO Points. They are cheaper in larger quantities, but you should wait until they are on sale to buy more.

If you are a kinmate or friend, I am willing to trade you an unbound Black Steel Key for a bound Black Steel Key. It will still cost you 2 MC to send me the bound key, but you will then have a Black Steel Key you could sell on AH or do a Secure Trade with another person, eliminating the COD risk.



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