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re: Spring Festival: Crystals, Scrolls, and Dyes


In addition to the usual Spring Festival items, you can get some other useful items.  Anfalas Star-lit Crystals cost 60 Spring Leaves and are Bind on Acquire, so they must be bartered by the character that will use them. Essence Reclamation Scrolls cost 90 Spring Leaves and are not bound, so can be sold, passed or traded, e.g., by a lower level character.

The two-year cycle for Premium dyes available during festivals has restarted. These are the dye colours that cannot be crafted and are only available for festival token barter or Mithril Coin purchase during festivals. Each festival has 2 colours for festival barter and 2 colours for MC. In alternating years, the festival barter colours are available for MC and vice versa. The market for the dyes is thin and hard to predict, and some colours are more popular than others, but I have sold thousands over the past two years and made a ridiculous amount of gold.

For the Spring Festival, you can barter 15 Spring Leaves for either 6 Shire-Plum Dyes or 6 Bullroarer's Green Dyes. You can pay 10 Mithril Coins for either 6 Lavender Dyes or 6 Dark Purple Dyes.

As usual, I recommend the Ale Association and Inn League delivery quests as a way to generate festival barter tokens. If you do all 11 deliveries for both factions, you can earn 66 Spring Leaves in a well-planned hour. See my blog post for details:

Unlike the recent Yule Festival or last year's Spring Festival, there is no daily wrapper quest to receive essence fragments (nor a tiered wrapper for that quest that rewards additional fragments). There is a daily quest from Sergeant Tom at the Bree Festival Grounds (he is also a festival barterer) that rewards an additional 3 Spring Leaves for doing 10 festival quests. You must get the quest before completing any of the individual quests for them to count.


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