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re: Happy Anniversary to Me!


I started playing LOTRO in June 2012 on Nimrodel (a random choice). When I decided to get serious about it, I checked out servers and moved to Landroval. On October 23, I joined Shadowbane.

As this year began, I was still working my way through Mordor on Michaleo, Nodread and Wrytune. Not only was there a lot of new content, much of it challenging, there were changes to stats that required adjustments. The Allegiance System and the scheme for using Ashes to barter for gear took some time to figure out.

The Court of Seregost and Dungeons of Naerband had just been released, and were challenging on-level. Completing Mordor was the immediate goal to be able to start doing the dailies, to get Black Steel Keys to open lootboxes to get Ashes to get better gear. In March, North Mirkwood was launched, with more content, multiple reputation factions, more options for gear, and more dailies.

In the beginning of summer, just after the devs decided to break blue hunters, an opportunity arose to join a raid group. With Pat and Gab and occasionally other kin members, plus players from a number of other kins, we attempted the Abyss of Mordath raid. This required me to kick it up a notch, making a red trait tree and bow, making a swap bow, and pushing the limits of the gear that was available to me.

Trying to raid with people in different kins is a challenge, and the group reorganized a few times. It has been interesting to learn how raiders approach the game. We did the whole raid on tier 1, and I was in the group when we managed to defeat the first bosses on tier 2.

As a new year starts, the Grey Mountains has just been released, with a level cap increase and major changes to gear and fundamental stats. There is some new crafting, new instances, and a new raid coming. I continue to find new things to try, do and enjoy in the game.


Michaelo hunter 140, Nodread guardian 140, Truroar captain 140, Wrytune minstrel 140
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