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re: Dwarrowgleam Shard drop rate


I finally processed my logs of resource gathering for Dwarrowgleam Shards. A little over 3,000 nodes so far, about half Ironfold Skarn, half Thornholt Branches, produced 39 Dwarrowgleam Shards. That comes to an average of 1.3%, about 1 out of 75 nodes, lower than the 2% (1 out of 50) for Emerald Shards.

Although the Rich Ironfold and Heavy Thornholt nodes seem to have a slightly higher probability of dropping a shard, those are only about 7.5% of the nodes, so it's not practical to focus only on those nodes. The node contents are random. I have gotten a shard in two consecutive nodes. One time I got a shard in the first node I took, then none in the next 200 nodes.

A recent session was 75 minutes for 200 nodes, or an average of 22 seconds per node (including having to stop and fight mobs). That suggests it takes around a half hour to get a shard on average. Of course, if you sometimes get two shards in a row, you can also go a long time between shards. It was in an area with a reasonable number of nodes and no noticeable competition for them. Gathering both wood and ore means more nodes are available in a given area and less average distance between nodes.

Some tips: I gather resources on my warsteed, whenever possible using select next item and u to move to the node and take it. While taking a node, I hit select next item so I'm ready to hit u when I've finished. I ignore mobs attacking me unless they interrupt me, because I often outrun the aggro on my way to the next node. If I have to fight, as a hunter, I can often defeat them staying mounted.

An alternative way that produces guaranteed shards is to do the resource instances. The first two 20-quest tiers of Reclaiming the Grey rewards a shard in the Crafter's Rare Cache. There are 3 quests per instance (4 if you do the Scourge). It takes me 10-15 minutes to do an instance depending on the instance and which character (ignoring the nodes in the instance). Even with a duo, it seems likely to take twice as long to get shards with this scheme, but the shards are guaranteed and you also earn Marks of the Longbeards. Note that the third tier of Reclaiming the Grey does not give you a shard, and the second and third tiers fail when the quests reset Sunday morning at 3AM.

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re: Dwarrowgleam Shard drop rate


Thanks for posting these stats! I thought it was just me. I usually will farm nodes for a couple hours and might get one a week (maybe). I have been in a real dry spell but I had a lot of luck with corpses and backpacks (in general and also in Utterby) for a while before the update and now those have not given me a thing in about 10 hours of doing Utterby this past week. So that has dried up and I don't think it is a coincidence. The devs don't like instances used that way.



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