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re: New Essence Replacement UI (warning)


There is a new UI for slotting and unslotting essences. (It actually was available before today, but now that we can craft essences, it will get more use.)

The old scheme of using Essence Reclamation Scrolls to extract them and right-clicking an essence to bring up a list of items that have empty essence slots still works, but it does not allow you to replace an essence.

The new UI uses the Character panel Equipment display. You drag a piece of essence gear to the spot below the boots. (It can be either equipped or in your bags, and does not move the slotted item.) It opens a display showing the item and listing the essences in it to the right. You can drag an essence from your bags into an empty slot to move it into the item. You can click on the unslot button to reclaim the essence and put it in your bags at a cost of 10 Mithril Coins per essence.

The new capability is that you can destroy an unwanted essence in an item when you slot a new essence, without needing an essence reclamation scroll.  After you drag the item to the spot below the boots, drag the new essence from your bag onto the essence in the list to the right that you want to destroy and replace.

It gives you a popup to warn you, Unfortunately, the warning is backwards! It says:

Are you sure you want to replace "New Essence Name" with "Old Essence Name" on "Slotted Item Name"?
The existing essence will be destroyed!

If you click yes, it does correctly replace the old essence with the new essence, but the warning is backwards. BE CAREFUL! Mithrin essences and Empowered Mithrin essences use the SAME ICONs!

If you want to keep the old essence, you must either use an essence reclamation scroll or spend Mithril Coins with the unslot button.

It is nice to be able to destroy and replace useless essences with the new crafted essences, but read carefully and beware the current backwards warning.


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