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re: New guild tier in Update 25


Update 25 adds a new tier of crafting and a new tier of guild reputation.

The guild tier is called Honoured Master and it requires 200,000 reputation to complete it.

You can use lower-tier guild symbols to increase your reputation in the guild, and you can use reputation acceleration tomes as usual. Those items have 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day cooldowns for the small, medium and large items, respectively.

However, there is a sequence of 4 quests available from the guild master that each reward a new reputation item worth 50,000 rep. These quests require Westemnet Master Guild reputation and Minas Ithil crafting tier and are one-time-only; they are available only if you have purchased the Minas Morgul expansion. If you use 100,000 rep acceleration, you would need to do only two of them to reach the cap.

Remember, if you want to use reputation accelerators, use them before you right-click on the reputation item.

The Cook quests used ordinary recipes and were quite easy. For Scholar, Tailor, Woodworker, Weaponsmith, and Metalsmith, each recipe requires 20 parchments, leathers, boards, or ingots. The Jeweller recipes use 15 ingots and 5 polished gems. The (Tier 13) recipes are obtained from the Improved Recipes NPC in the guild hall.

Edit: The number of items was updated to reflect the latest patch.

Warning: Do not make the recipe until you have the quest. The quest advances only when you perform the recipe. Because the item is consumed when you complete the quest (and has no other use), be careful that you are making the correct item for the quest.

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