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re: Eastern Mordor Besieged


The third time through, I figured out how to do eastern Mordor Besieged more efficiently. There are three areas that have landscape quests: Urshulagar, an Easterling camp across the road from Barthost, Matum Graz, a ruin north of the T intersection by Barad Dur, and Angarthal, down in the water north of Barad Dur. If you stumble into these areas and the landscape quests pop up, wait until you get to the Black Book of Mordor 12.3. You get sent to Tuka in the hills to the north of this area. There you will get a quest from Terna to set traps in those three areas. At that point, do the landscape quests. Otherwise, you will have to visit them twice.

The quest to set traps can be confusing. The map shows the approximate location, but you will get a pop-up message telling you this is a good place to set the trap. You can put all 4 in that spot. (There are 12 total, 4 in each of the 3 areas).

Tuka gives you a quest to defeat an unspecified number of unspecified mobs. You'll finish it in the process of doing the landscape quests and setting the traps. If you don't, most mobs in the area count, and it isn't a large number. It will pop-up a message when you've done enough.

Warning: There are Scourges in this area (they are elsewhere in Mordor Besieged as well). If you are level 125+, you will get an auto-bestow quest to alert you when you are close, but if you are below that level, your first notice might be a one-shot. If not that, those annoying Wandering Glooms may make it hard to run away.

As you have quested across Mordor Besieged, you should have in tow a New Recruit soldier who you picked up in Dingarth. If you like having him around helping with DPS, don't complete the quest when he gets a quest ring (you will see a reward of shoulder armour). He will stay with you until you complete that quest.

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