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    A New Start

    Why This Blog?

    I've been playing LOTRO for some time now, but on Dwarrowdelf.  Due to work obligations I was unable to play for a while and when I came back I thought I'd make a new beginning on another server.  I decided on Landroval because I thought I'd try my hand at role playing but didn't want to get too serious at it; and Landroval seemed to fit that.  Once I got there, of course, my character page was empty and I started to think about what I wanted to do.  It was at that point that I decided to put all I had behind one character with all the rest of my characters being crafting support characters.  I also decided that this time I wanted to "do it all" with this character.  I told that to a few of my new kinmates and they asked that I keep them informed on how it's going so I thought I'd start a blog to do just that.  So here I am.

    What Do I Mean By "Do It All"?

    Pretty much what it says.  I plan to do every quest that is available to me in every land and every instance.  I also plan to complete every deed in every category of deed.  I also plan to achieve max reputation with everything I can get reputation for and achieve maximum rank with my crafts and guild rank.


    I decided to create a dwarven Rune Keeper because with that class I would be able to fill a number of different roles if I wanted to.  I liked that kind of flexibility if I was going to have one main character.  I also chose to be an explorer so that I would be able to gather both wood and metals as I go.  Because of that, I'll specialize in Tailor as my craft which also works well as a Rune Keeper since a Tailor can make the kind of armor an RK can wear.  I decided that I would try to focus on one land at a time and complete it before moving on to the next one.  I'm 2 weeks into this and I've completed Ered Luin, and the Shire (except for the final chicken run quests), and Bree (except for 2 slayer deeds in the Barrow Downs).

    by Roason on 2012-10-01 01:56:04

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