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    by Michaleo on 2018-12-09 02:20:46

    Composting Legendary Items for Relics and Shards

    A Very Short Description of Legendary Items

    Legendary Items (LIs) are complicated. There are a lot of details and things to be figured out. This note will address one aspect of them.

    LIs accumulate Item Experience (IXP) as you defeat mobs and perform quests.  They go up levels until they reach level 60. For the LIs you equip, each level gives you more Legacy Points to spend to improve the bonuses they confer. You can use a scroll of delving to increase the max to 70, giving you more Legacy Points. When you deconstruct a LI, you get relics as well as some IXP back and a legacy scroll you can use to replace a legacy on another LI.

    There are many details to consider for the LIs you equip and use. For this note, only IXP and the relics produced when LIs are deconstructed are important.

    Composting Legendary Items

    “Compost LIs” is the term I use for the garbage LIs that you pick up as mob drops (or perhaps buy from the AH from people who got dropped a LI for a different class) or craft from common mats. The goal is to produce relics and shards that can be used to improve other LIs. By “composting” LIs, you turn “garbage”... More

    by Michaleo on 2013-11-08 04:08:16

    Efficiently co-levelling a Cook and a Farmer

    Here is an efficient way to level (or more precisely "tier") a cook/farmer combination.  What's efficient for you may be different.  For me, money was no issue (Total cost was under 900s for the farmer, 6g500s for the cook).  I tried to minimze time as reflected in the total number of recipe invocations (3,000 (including harvests) for the farmer, 1,700 for the cook).  Total time around 13 hours.

    Note that tiering a farmer is much slower than a cook.  When you plant, harvest, and process, you get no Craft XP for the harvesting.  When I tried planting more than 8 fields at a time, some would disappear before I could harvest them, and harvesting requires an interaction for each field.  Once you have the ingredients, a cook can run off hundreds of items, stopping only when the tools need repairs.  Farmers get fewer Craft XP per item, and the same Craft XP for all things at the same tier.  After you make the things needed to support the cook tiering, you can make a pile of whatever you like to tier the farmer.

    Farmer production varies a lot.  Although there is an average harvest per field at each tier, it may produce much more or only... More

    by Michaleo on 2013-10-28 04:43:57

    Hunting for the truth

    In a place such as Middle-earth, in these times of change, there are more rumours than facts. Figuring out how things work has always been fun for me, and there are many things still to be discovered. I do not claim to be an expert, but there are some things I have learned through my adventures. I will try to explain some of them.

    Some of these may be spoilers, if you prefer not to know how things apparently work. You should also consider the time of the post, because things change and what was true once may or may not still be true.

    by Michaleo on 2013-10-28 04:16:39

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