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You can barter for level 105 essences

by Michaleo, 21 days ago

Somehow I missed this important information, so I thought I'd pass it on.

You can get Level 105 Major Essences from the Riders of Rohan Quartermaster at the War-stead of the King's Men in Taur Druadan!

You need to have Friend reputation with the Riders of Rohan. The cost is 10 Exquisite Wood Carvings plus 8 Polished Marble Trinkets (rep items you get in Far Anorien). You barter for a Far Anorien Essence Box, then extract the major essence of your choice. Although the box is bind on acquire, the extracted essence is freely tradable so you can sell it or pass it to someone to have it upgraded to Greater or Supreme if you aren't the right craft profession. (I have a Tailor, Weaponsmith, Scholar and Cook, if you need one).

There are repeatable daily quests in Ost Rimmon that give Polished Marble Trinkets, and in Dru Bhuta that give Exquisite Wood Carvings. They may also drop from mobs. Nonetheless, you may want to save the ones you get doing the quest lines in the area rather than using them to increase your reputation. It was not hard to reach Ally without using the rep items, and there are daily repeatable quests and task items that give you reputation rather than rep items. Of course, you can also use reputation accelerators, but that should not be necessary if you do all the quests in the area.

Level 105 Essences may also be in the boxes from the Featured Instance. Level 105 players can run it twice daily, once at 105 and once at level 100-104. Level 100-104 players can run it once at level 100-104 (they do not get a box for running it at 105 ).

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