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Announcements Wk of July 1

by Gabriele^, 4 days ago

Important note: Groups next week will be Friday July 3 instead of Saturday due to the July 4 holiday.


Thank you for everyone that turned out for this weekend's groups beginning Friday, members were able to complete the following:

Fri: 11 EST Garth Agarwen (on level)

Sat: 6-8 EST Thadur 100 Challenge loot farm

Sat: 7-9 EST Glinghant T2C 100 Challenge loot farm

Sat: 9-10:30 Haudh Valendil T2C 100 Challenge loot farm

Big Battles run nightly throughout the week. If you have Helm's Deep and are interested in joining us in 2,3, or 6 man battles, please mention that to an officer.

Everyone was able to get the loot they were looking for including several drops of nice teal level 100 Champ and Warden Shields, Agi cloaks, Hunter bows, Stat tomes & Symbols of the Elder King. If you are looking for these items they typically run very high on the AH. No need to pay outrageous prices for them when we can get these instances done quickly and almost always get the loot you need. Groups can run any time. All members have the ability to add groups/needed help directly to the calendar to try to get signups.


Saturdays groups have been permanently scheduled for 7p EST Saturday nites based on several months of logging turnouts. More members show up for groups earlier than later. If you can not show up early simply signup on the calendar and post the time you can be on. Groups typically run 7-11 or even later.

We will be adding another group nite either Fridays or Sundays for < level 65 content only. We are looking for someone interested in leading this group either weekly or biweekly based on your schedule. If interested, please contact Patrix/Eorix.


The newsletter is still accepting submissions, through the end of the first week of July. Submit any content (features, nonfiction, fiction, or artwork to ceilehr@hotmail.com.


We want to see everyone participating in the Shadowbane Fashion contest. See the announcement online. There are multiple categories. Winner gets 2500 TP.



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