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Week of June 19

by Gabriele^, 6 days ago

Last week for our scheduled kin groups we completed the following content: Daily Featured Instance (Forsaken Inn) 100 & 105, for boxes; completed Silent Street (105, T1 & T2); farmed the new Anorien instances for armor drops (Quays of Harlond T2), and completed dailies. There is a route for quickly doing dailies in Taur Drúadan on this site's forums.

From these dailies you can get 18 Exquisite wood carvings (rep) which you can also use to barter for essences. The Quartermaster is located at 45.5S, 27.3W on the Taur Druadan map (due north of Eilenach). You will need 10 Exquisite Wood Carvings and 8 Polished Marble Trinkets to get a Far Anórien Essence Box.

There is a good explanation of the new instances & rewards in the newsletter article on the update here.

We have changed Kinship Auctions to Daily instead of just weekends. You can post quality items for other members (rare loot, stacks of mats, rep, quality crafted items, etc), on the kin auctions. For info on how to do this, see the New Member Forum, Kinship Auctions.

As you know we are adding additional group times to the calendar for EU prime time players, possibly 7p or later GMT (which probably would fall around early Fri/Sat or Sun for US players). If you are interested in participating in groups around this time, please post a reply to send a message to Patrix or Elenia with your preferred times.

We have several new members: Please see their posts below and join me in welcoming them when you see them online.

Daglad/105 RK (Dundic/105 CPT) joining us from Evernight

Bragenthorne/105 GRD joining us from Gladden

Aldoon/87 HNT

Cantherron/53 GRD

Freddel Stormleaf/98 HNT

Skurt/17 Brn



Have a great week.

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