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Announcements week of April 27

by Gabriele^, 8 days ago

This weekend we got together for groups on Saturday at 6 EST. We will be alternating this time every other week for now. If you prefer other days/times please use the poll on the front page to vote.

We completed the following group content:

Big Battles (BBs are available to all levels w/ Helm's Deep expansion): Pelargir 6 man

Big Battles: Helm's Dike 6 man

Big Battles: Glimmering Caves 3 man

Moria: 16th Hall (6 man)

Join us next Saturday at 9 EST and post your requests on this forum or contact any officer.

We will be adding one or two days per month to the calendar to help each other complete deeds and virtues like we used to do. If interested please notify any officer of your preferred dates/times.


Have a good week!!!


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