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Announcements: Week of Jan 31

by Gabriele^, 4 days ago

Welcome to our new members, Alyssya (Burg, Montreal/EST), Timtom (Guard, Bulgaria/GMT+2), Flimsi (Guard/MN/CST), & Zit (Burg, EST). Please join me in making them feel welcome when you see them online.

This past weekend scheduled groups completed all the level 100 Roving Threats in three regions: Gondor, Forochel, and Misty Mountains; Epic Battles (100) Defense of MT & Battle of Pelagir.

We are here to help anyone of any level with their questing needs.

It's not always possible to get help at the moment you need a group instance done. Here's what you can do if you have trouble getting something done: 

  1. Request any officer to send out a kin email asking for participants
  2. Post a request for help on this forum (Discussion Forums=>Need Help With Quests.
  3. Post a date/time on the calendar with name of the Fellowship Quest/Raid/Battle etc allowing signups.

Kinship Auctions & Kin Vault Items for Members:

We have a LOT of items in the kin vault. For the items listed under Member Vault, ask an officer to mail them to you. Kin hall chest items can be donated/obtained by full members.

If you have high quality loot and high quality gear to share, you can post them on the kinship auctions for cost or significant discounts to members. 

                                      ==>(To find Kin Member Auctions only, Check the Kinship Box at the top of the Auction Hall Search form).

For incomparable loot or crafted items send them to Edgetho, Patrix's vault alt to be put in the Incomparable Loot Vault.

Full Membership reminder:

Full members have access to all the benefits of the kinship. If you have completed the requirements please contact me, Elenia, or Patrix to be promoted. 

Have a great week!



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