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Week of Oct 5

by Gabriele^, 4 days ago

We will be accepting submissions for the final quarterly issue of the Shadowbane Newsletter until the end of next week (approx. Oct 15).

If you would like to submit your LoTR and LoTRO related fiction, non-fiction (blogs, feature articles, artwork, etc), please send them to ceilehr@hotmail.com. If there will be a delay, just email me of the date you will be able to submit by.


From feedback it appears that the PVP group will be meeting Thursday evenings. We are also still taking feedback from members that are interested in restarting our leveling group, which will do all group content starting at level 50. If interested, please contact Patrix.


Have high quality loot, crafted gear/consumables, or stacks of mats you'd like to share with other kin? We can't always catch each other online so the weekly kinship auctions are a good option. Kin auctions run Th-S. It is customary to offer kin mates items at cost or in the case of rare/incomparable/epic loot, significant cost savings off of regular auction pricing. To access kin auctions, go to the auction, at the top of the search screen, select "kinship only". This option will only be available to full members. Please do not sell kin auction items.


Welcome to all our new members joining us from Landroval and from other servers. Please feel free to post an introduction here if you would like and tell us what aspects of the game interest you most and if you need help with anything or would like to get together with other members that have the same interests (leveling toons doing the same content, crafting/questing assistance, etc).


If you're new to the kin and have not yet been promoted to full member, please see the requirements on the New member forum under Code of Conduct. Essentially, a recruit must add their characters to the website roster and participate in 2 activities with the kinship. These can include grouping with another member, attending an event, or posting online. If you have completed these tasks please contact Patrix or myself.


Join us on Saturdays at 7 EST for groups.We do all levels of content.

Have a great week.

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