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Announcements Wk of May 25th

by Gabriele^, 3 days ago

This past weekend groups got together to work on the following instances for the deed and the quest line Ashes and Stars, obtained in Osgiliath's culverts (level 100). These quests can be done at a lower level to complete the quest but must be at cap to get the credit for the deed.

The Dome of Stars (6 man, Osgiliath instance)

The Ruined City (3 man, Osgiliath instance)

Sunken Labyrinth (3 man, Osgiliath instance)

Note: It appears that The Dome of Stars is bugged as we have completed it 4 times as a group at level 100 and have not been able to get credit for the deed. I submitted a bug report and at one point we waited more than an hour in the instance for a GM who finally showed up 9 hours later when we were no longer online. Forum posts suggest this is happening to everyone so we will await the next patch and hope for a repair. 


We have several members that need help with TC (level 95) and some have expressed an interest in Moria leveling group (50-65 approx). If interested, please post on the Quest Help forum.

Happy Memorial Day!

Have a good week.

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