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Kinship Crafters

by Gabriele^, 34 days ago

The following members have volunteered to help fellow kinmates by crafting gear and other items at no charge.  Please provide materials & see other guidelines below. Names listed are mains only. Contact the member for further info:

Weaponsmiths:     Michaleo    Genifer     Elenia Avwulf

Armourer (Heavy Armour and Shields):   Michaleo     Elenia     Tyriah       Genifer   Avwulf

Tailor (Includes Light & Medium Armour & Cloaks):   Michaleo     Genifer     Makii     Elenia   Avwulf

Jeweller:   Michaleo    Patrix     Genifer   Makii    Avwulf

Scholar (Potions/Dyes/Oils etc):    Elenia    Makii    Michaleo

Woodworker: (Wood weaponry inc. staffs, bows, etc):    Patrix     Michaleo     Avwulf

Cook:  Patrix      Elenia     Makii  

Do not resell items that have been crafted for you by kinmates without their permission.

Some mats are available in the vault, including rare items such as shards and symbols.  To request them, contact Patrix or Edgetho who will mail them to you.


Thank you to everyone who offered their time and effort to help kin mates out.  Please contact Elenia to add your name to the lists.



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