Mae Govannen! Welcome to Shadowbane!


The primary goal of ShadowBane is to enjoy the game as a group, assisting each other in whatever way we can. We are made up of a wide range of players, brought together by a mutual love the game and the Lord of the Rings stories.


We are a rank 10 kinship formed in and fully active since 2007.


Whatever your play style, you will feel welcome here, whether in soloing, grouping, casual raiding, or just socializing.


We have regularly scheduled groups and helpful players willing to lend a hand with questing or crafting you gear.


We are not an RP kinship but some members participate in light RP and events.


While we have a "no pressure" atmosphere we do have highly skilled players that regularly participate in end game content and are willing to help lower level players with group content they need to level up.


We believe in 'Victory through Solidarity' - we can accomplish anything with our friends at our side, and this carries through to all aspects of gaming.





Who we are looking for:

We are always on the lookout to recruit players of all classes and levels of characters.

Active alts are welcome along with your main. Applicants must join with at least one level 20 toon or higher unless referred by a current member.  This requirement is waived for transfers, who can join at any level.




All potential members are required to apply.  This allows us to ensure that Shadowbane is the type of kinship you are looking for in a kinship. We've had a few players that mistakenly thought we were on another server, some that were looking for heavy RP, etc. Thanks for filling out the application for us.


Please read the Code of Conduct located in the Public Forums on this website.


We expect members to conduct themselves according to our code of conduct which essentially requests that that each person act in a respectful & tolerant manner toward one another and to others in the game, including in public chat forums. 


After you apply you will usually get a response within 24 hours allowing access to the website member areas including the vault list. 


Once you are accepted, please add your characters to the roster.


Administrators are not able to add characters to the roster...that must be done by the member themselves. Thanks for doing that for us so we can keep an up to date list of members.


We try to check applications several times a day so hope to have you in the kin within 24 hours of your application. Thanks again.