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re: Getting Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment


When the Mordor expansion goes live, we expect to get an additional 5 tiers on each legacy for imbued legendary items, and be able to add 5 more using Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment. (The main legacy will similarly get 5 more tiers and let us add 5 more with Anfalas Star-lit Crystals). If you've added a seventh legacy and want to max them all, that means 35 empowerment scrolls per imbued legendary item.

Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment can be obtained by barter for a variety of tokens. as well as for 2,541 Marks plus 293 Medallions. They have typically sold for 10g each on AH when people were getting them from Featured Instances and had already maxed their tiers. The price may go up as people realize they'll need some soon.

The easiest way I have found to get them is by doing the 3 Minas Tirith daily instances. The South Gate (Smiths) and North Gate (Builders) instances require you to be Friend with the Defenders of Minas Tirith. The Cisterns (Burgmen) requires you to be Kindred.

At the North Gate from Ingold you get the quest Retaking the Northern Rammas as well as Culling the Tide of Easterlings and Culling the Tide of Uruk-hai. The Uruk-hai quest must be completed outside the instance (there are none inside), but the others are done through Ingold. I do the North Gate quests first because I can do the Uruk-hai on the way to the South Gate. You get 12 Minas Tirith Builders' Tokens.

At the South Gate from Turgon you get the quest Dredging a Path for Aragorn as well as Culling the Tide of Orcs and Culling the Tide of Trolls. Those quests can be completed in the instance through Turgon and give you 12 Minas Tirith Smiths' Tokens.

From Rathon at the northwest end of the Fourth (Players') Tier, you get the quest Finding a Breach in the Darkness. The quest is completed through Rathon and gives you 10 Minas Tirith Burgsmen's Tokens.

You can get an Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment for 4 Smiths' tokens. Burgsmen's tokens can be converted to Smith's tokens 5 for 5. Unfortunately, Builders' tokens can only be converted to Burgmen's tokens 5 for 3, which can then be converted to Smiths' tokens 5 for 5.

The net result is that, assuming you do them a bunch of times, on average you will get 3 scrolls/day from the North Gate, 1.8 scrolls/day from the South Gate, and 2.5 scrolls/day from the Cisterns, or a total of 7.3 scrolls/day.

Some things to consider: these are level 100 instances and they are public instances. They should be fast and easy for a 105 to solo, and faster and easier if you group. When they were busy, players sometimes had to wait for troll respawns in the South Gate instance and for Withered Tree NPCs to respawn in the Cisterns. But I still think this will be the fastest way to get empowerment scrolls.

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